Maximizing Nonprofit Story Collection within Salesforce

Here's how to collect compelling, authentic stories for your nonprofit. Mogli and Formstack make it easy to capture stories and archive them in Salesforce.


Stories from Big Green's Learning Gardens were slipping through the cracks when Big Green employees were not on site. Teachers would have excellent moments with students in the gardens, but by the time they were back to their desk with a moment to spare, the details of the story had slipped from their mind. When they did remember to submit a story, their only way to get details to Big Green was through a clunky, hard-to-find Google doc. This process was difficult to perform from a phone or tablet, so many stories ended up getting lost while in the garden.


Big Green combined Mogli SMS, a SMS messaging tool that directly integrates with Salesforce, and Forms for Salesforce to create a simple and easy way for teachers to submit stories while in the garden. Teachers text a keyword to begin a chat focused on collecting story details. Once the basic details are captured, a link to a pre-populated Formstack form is sent to them. Teachers can access this form from the device of their choice to add more story details, upload photos, and share videos. Once submitted, a record is created within Salesforce, giving Big Green employees easy access to all stories from the gardens.

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Increased storytelling opportunities

Improved Big Green's ability to show impact

Improved data

Received more accurate data

Built offline capabilities

Allowed teachers to submit details without needing internet onsite

Improved processes

Automated story archiving into Salesforce

Video Transcript

Big Green's mission is to create a healthier future for kids through a nationwide network of Learning Gardens and food literacy programs at low-income schools. Learning Gardens are outdoor classrooms with productive, edible gardens that not only change the way children think about food, but also accelerate a shift in food culture within communities.
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